Jumat, 05 Februari 2010

Happy, yey! yey! yey!

Hi people!!

I'm so happy today, with no clear reason... haha
Maybe because I finally have a reason to keep smiling again..maybe...
It was like this, one day my friends, Mosnut and Lip2 told me that I didn't smile anymore and I became so grumpy then when I submitted my assignment, Mr Zarge asked me why I didn't smile anymore... I didn't even realize that..haha Then I asked my mom if that thing was true.... And guess what? She said YES!
I tried to keep smiling....but I found it stupid....and I blamed my ex-friends for that....*evil laugh
I was thinking that they kinda ruined my life...hehe... they are like my first enemies....

But now, I am able to SMILE again....haha
Although there is this guy who come to me suddenly and may destroy everything again...I tried to think that it doesn't make any sense if I lose my smile because of that guy.....

So, just wish me happiness.. :))

Keep Smiling People...!

3 komentar:

  1. :)
    keep on smiling, sis!

  2. hi there, are you one of Stefhanie's friend from bbs? :) nice to know you, btw. :)

  3. hola,sheila~ blog nya pindah lagi nih ye... jangan keseringan senyum,tar disangka stres loh xD

    -sasa (pomegranate.l-amor.net)